Dry Herb Vaporizers are usually with a ceramic or stainless chamber to bake the flowers or herbs. Herbal vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all consist of three main, high-quality components: the heating chamber, the vapor path/mouthpiece, and the battery. Most of them are sorted as desktop vapes or portable dry herb vaporizers.

We have 4 portable dry herb vaporizers, they are Mini Herb, Dbox, Dock and Storm. Among them, Mini Herb and Dbox are palm size with 1100mah -1500mah battery capacity. The 2 are the economic option. Dock has bigger ceramic chamber and 2000mah battery capaicty. It is also compatiable with glass bong and water glass bubbler.  Storm is a new innovative herb vaporizer with convection heating system. Also features with removable battery and beautiful glass water bubbler. Both of them are the cost-effective option comparied with similar function vaporizers.