Concentrate Vaporizer is usually used for wax, concentrates, shatter extracts. There are different styles of wax pens in the market, either featuring with ceramic chamber or quartzs chamber.
We manufactur our own designed concentrate vaporizer. They are Dial Wax Pen, Hybrid 3 in 1 Dab Pen, Popper and Dabble Smart E-rig. Among them, Dial is a slim wax pen with a full quartz chamber atomizer and a dual quartz atomizer. Hybrid is featured with 3 atomizers: one oil cartridge, one dip atomizer and one dab atomizer. So it is dip, dab, vape 3 in 1. If you need a wax pen with traditional pod shape, then Popper is the best option. Popper has a pop-out ceramic atomizer, which is convenient to install and take out. At last, if you are looking for a portable dab device and also a table vape, you will love Dabble.  It is with built-in water bubbler and curved glass mouthpiece. It is a beautiful dab device easy to use and clean.