We are dedicated to producing the highest quality 510 thread batteries compatible with any 510 thread oil cartridges for 7 years . We produce both slim vape pen batteries and palm size vape batteries.
For slim vape pens, CC-U 510 battery, and bottom twist 510 battery are the top 2 best sellers. They are all featured with variable voltage and preheat feature. Among the 2 vape batteries, CC-U work perfectly with Ccell cartridges, because it has the same diameter as Ccell carts. They all are compatiable with any 510 thread cartridges. Besides, for Cc-U there is micro USB charge port in the bottom,easy to use and charge.
For Palm batteries, Hitter and Skey, Imini are our best sellers. They are all in pocket size, user-friendly when you are on the go.
Besides all above, our new star B01 conceal auto draw variable voltage battery is coming. It is with 510 thread, compatible with both 14mm and 10.5mm oil cartridges. It can be activated both by air and button. Have a try, you will love it for sure.