Project Description

  • Umini 2.0 battery black color
  • Umini 2.0 green color
  • Umini 2.0 battery purple color

Umini 2.0 510 Thread Vape Battery

  • Battery Capacity: 600mah

  • Full Range Adjustable Voltage: From 1.8V t0 4.2V

  • Preheat Feature: 1.8V

  • With OLED screen to show current voltage and vaping time.

  • Dual Charging Port: Compatible with both Iphone and USB-C Charging Cable

  • Fits all 510 thread cartridges: 0.5ml/1.0ml/2.0ml

  • Available color: Black/Blue/Green/White/Orange/Purple/ Customized color

      Battery Capacity

Lighty but mighty : Umini 2.0 is a palm size 510 thread battery, small enough that you barely feel it when put in your pocket. But it has long      lasting battery life :600mah which can meet your weekly vaping demand without charging .

Umini 2.0 Battery 600mah
Umini 2.0 fits all 510 cartridges

With 510 thread, Umini 2.0 work well with most cartridges like 0.5ml/1.0ml/2.0ml .With adjustable voltage and preheat function, you are sure to get the best vaping experience.

      Dual Charging Port

       Are your desktop in the mess of different charging cables? Well,Umini 2.0 will not add more chaos, because it is with both iphone charging port and UCB-C charging port. So when it is power off, you just need to recharge it with either your iphone cable or your android phone UB-C cable. 

Umini 2.0 510 Battery features