Project Description

  • Slim Disposable pen available colors
  • Slim-T Disposable Oil Pen | Black | Unicvape
  • Slim disposable pen green color
  • CBD disposable pen gray color
  • Slim-T Disposable Oil Pen | Blue | Unicvape
  • Slim-T Disposable Oil Pen | Silver | Unicvape

Unicvape Slim Disposable Vape Pen

  • Battery Capacity: 350mah

  • Air Activated, ease to use

  • Ceramic Coil, Pure Taste,Smooth Draw

  • Both 1.0ml and 2.0ml are available

  • Window shape can be customized

  • USB-C Charge

  • Work for CBD/THC/Delta-8/Delta-9 Oil

  • Vape pen body colors can be customized


  • 50pcs/Rack

  • Mouthpiece and battteries are packed seperately

  • Customized package box available

USB-C Charge

With bottom USB-C charge, your oil will never be wasted. So you can fully enjoy your multi-flavors of distillates.

USB-C Charge Oil Pen | Unicvape
Slim Disposable Oil Pen | Unicvape

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    Palm Size

    2.0ml slim disposable pen is just 1cm longer than 1.0ml.
    With premium metal constructed, you will feel solid when holding it.
    Slim Disposable Vape Pen is in pocket size,
    you can keep it in your pocket without being noticed.

    Slim Size Disposable Oil Pen | Unicvape
    Slim Disposable Cannabis Oil Pen | Unicvape