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  • Pen Vaporizer Combin1 | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Combin2 | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Black | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Blue | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Gold | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Gray1 | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Green | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Orange | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Purple | Unicvape
  • Pen Vaporizer | Red | Unicvape
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 Popper Wax Pen Vaporizer Features

  • Battery Capacity:700mah

  • 3 Heat Settings: 3.3V(Green light), 3.7V(Blue light),4.2V(Red light)

  • Coil-less ceramic bowl, no combustion

  • Innovative chamber pop out desgin,easy to replace

  • Micro USB Charge

  • Magnetic mouthpiece

  • 2 Working modes: Manual mode and Session Mode. Session mode will free your fingers.

Package Include

  • 1X 700mah Popper Pen(Atomizer Included)

  • 1X Child-proof Glass Wax Jar

  • 1X Micro USB Charge

  • 1X User Manual

  • 1X Packing Tool

How To Use

Press the power button 5 times quickly to turn on/off. The indicator light will flash 5 times to
indicate that your device is turning on/off.

Press the button 3 times to change the voltage. Green light=3.3V Blue light=3.7V, Red light=4.2V

Popper wax pen vaporizer also has both manual mode and sesh mode. For sesh mode, no matter in which setting, when you press the power button 2 times,the device will keep heating automatically for 15S, then you just need to free your finger and vaping.

Hybrid Popper Vape Pen | Black | Unicvape
Popper Ceramic Chamber | Unicvape

Material: The metal contruction makes you feel solid and strong when you hold the Popper.

Mini Size: Popper is a palm size wax pen vaporizer, it can fit in a pocket without knowing it is there, so perfect for on the go and happy travel.

Flat Shape: Popper body is in flat shape which allow it lay flat on a table surface, not roll off the table.

Ceramic Chamber: With full ceramic chamber, you can get the best flavor, no burning taste at all.

Dual Working Modes: After you set the voltage, you can simply hold the button to vape or press the button 2 times quickly to activate a 15-second continuous heating period. Then inhale to vape without needing to hold the button.

Hybrid Popper Vape Pen | Blue | Unicvape

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