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Dial Wax Vape Pen Main Features

  • Battery Capacity: 1200mah

  • The Dial Wax Vape Pen has a replaceable Quartz Chamber,which is easy to take off.

  • Innovative threadless atomizer installation

  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Fancy LED bar to indicate the temperature setting you are in

  • With both manual mode and 15S Sesh-mode(Which will free your fingers)

  • Coil-less chamber, no combustion.

  • USB-C charge,super convenient

Dial High Lights

  • With 1200mah battery capacity, Dial is powerful and durable.

  • The quartz chamber is thread-less, easy to change. Besides it is coil-less, the heating element sits under the Quartz bucket. So it never comes in direct contact with the extracts. It heats the quartz bowl, which heats the wax. So vapor is purer.

  • Dial wax Vape pen is compatiable with glass water bubbler,which will cool down the vapor.

  • Besides regular mode, Dial also has Sesh-Mode: press the button 2 times quickly to activate 15S continuous heating period. Then simply inhale to vape without holding down the button.

  • 4 Temp settings, press the button 3 times rapidly to set your prefered temperature:450℉-500℉-550℉-600℉

Dial Wax Vape Pen | Unicvape

Material: The metal construction makes you feel solid when you hold it. We can customize any colors for you, if with your unique design, it will look like an art.

Unique Shape: The Dial wax vape pen looks like round shape,but in fact it has 2 flat sides. This shape protect it from rolling off the edge of a table. So the glass mouthpiece will not crack.

Adjustable Airflow: If you are a concentrate consumer beginner ,you can adjust the button to make the airflow tighter. While if you are an experienced consumer, you can adjustable the button to let more air in,so you will get more vapor.

Dial Wax Pen | Glass Water Bubbler | Unicvape

Package Include

  • 1X Dial Device

  • 1X Full Quartz Chamber

  • 1X USB-C Charger

  • 1X Dab Tool

  • 5X Q-Tips

  • 5X O Rings

  • 2X Alcohol Pad

  • 1X User Manual

Dial Wax Pen | Unicvape