Project Description

  • The word’s first precise temp control Smart E-Rig.

  • Buil-in water filtration system.

  • All parts detachable for easy cleaning.

  • The word’s first curved glass mouthpiece.

  • 2 in 1,used for all oils and concentrates.

  • 3000mah replaceable 18650 battery.

  • It is both a portable and table E-rig.

  • Haptic Feedback

  • 4 Unique LED light patterns.

  • Coil-less, non combustion.

  • Replaceable full quartz chamber.

  • After one year’s continuous of develping and testing,Dabble Smart E-Rig is finally ready with thousands of highlights.

  • Featured with real precise temperature control,same as Puffco Pro,The Dabble has a sensor embedded in the chamber to moderate the optimum temperature at all times. So you can have a consistent flavor and experience in any condition.

  • The water filtration will cool down the hot vapor,which may irritate your throat,to ensure you enjoy the vapor.

  • The Dabble also has a curved glass mouthpiece ,which is quite rare in the whole vaping market. With it ,you can get the purest vapor. On another hand, the glass mouthpiece can cool down the hot vapor as well.

  • With 300mah replaceable 18650 battery, you can enjoy vaping continueously even when you are at an adventure,never need to worry about charging problem when it is power off.

  • Unlike traditional E-rigs ,Dabble is not only a stay-at-home device ,but also travel-friendly since it is with plam size.

The Dabble has a 320F- 800F temperature range, low temperature is for any oils, medium and high temperature is for concentrates. Yes, Dabble is a 2 in 1 device with full quartz chamber. No matter thick oil ,like Delta 8 or thick oil, you can find a suitable temperature to vape. The full quartz chamber is replaceable, cleaning up can never get easier.

Dabble usually takes an average of 25S to heat up, quite quickly,so it won’t take too much time waiting before vaping. The haptic feedback will remind you that it has reached your set temp,just enjoy vape now.