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  • B01 Convert Vape Battery
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  • Battery Capacity: 650mah

  • 4 Voltage Settings: 2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V

  • Preheat Feature: 1.8V .

  • Dual Working Modes: Activated both by air and button.

  • USB -C Charging

  • Easy to use, just keep your secret here

  • Fits most 510 thread¬† cartridges: works for carts with both 14mm and 10.5mm diameter.

It fits most 510 thread cartridges, no matter your carts are 14mm or 10.5mm in diameter, they will both work perfectly.
Super easy to use: just take off the base and screw your prefilled cartridges on. Then turn on the device, you can inhale directly or hold the button to inhale.

Chargeable Vaporizer Battery | Unicvape
Multiple Voltage Vaporizer | Unicvape

B01 Conceal Battery has 4 voltage settings to meet different vapor quantity demands. You can change the voltage by press the power button 3 times quickly. The light bar will be on to show which voltage setting you are in.

The B01 also has preheat function. By pressing the power button 2 times quickly, it can warm up your oil for 15 seconds. So it works for both thick oil and thin oil.

Preheat Function Vaporizer | Unicvape
Multiple Function Vaporizer | Unicvape

B01 is a conceal auto draw variable voltage vape pen battery. It has 2 working modes: Activated both by air and button.
Press the power button 5 times,then set your prefered voltage, you can inhale directly or hold the button to inhale.

Auto Variable Voltage Vape Battery | Unicvape

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