Project Description

  • CO3 Diposable Pen Available Colors

C03 Disposable Vape Pen

  • Battery Capacity: 500mah

  • Dual Flavor, Double Enjoyment

  • 3 Voltage Settings: Red light=3.2V,Blue light=2.8V,Green light=2.4V

  • Preheat Feature: 1.8V

  • Capapcity: 2ml+2ml

  • USB-C Charge

  • Button Activate

  • Fits all thin and thick oil.

Dual Flavor,Double Enjoyment!
Unlike regular CBD disposable vape pen, CO3 will give you a big surprise.
It has 2 seperate tanks, both are with 2 ml capacity. If you like several flavors and want to combine 2 of them together. C03 disposable pen is the best choice. You can fill one with thin oil,another tank with high viscosity oil. The device is set with dual heating system. You can enjoy either of the flavor, or both flavors at the same time.

There is a toggle-switch button on the bottom. Just slide the toggle to the left or right or middle to choose your best flavor.

Disposable Vape pen with dual flavor
variable voltage

CO3 Disposable Vape Pen has all the features of regular CBD disposable pens.

Preheat— Press the power button 2 times quickly to activate a 15S preheating  period. This function is to warm up your very thick oil, so you can get smooth inhale.

Adjustable Voltage—Press the button 3 times quickly to adjust the voltage between 2.4V to 3.2V.
No matter you are professional user or a beginner just want to try, you will find the suitable voltage for you.

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